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Claim Supplements Process-


Xactimate Estimates process

  1. We receive the new job and make sure we have all necessary paperwork and information
  2. We Maximize the the claim amount through our Expertise in Xactimate & Contracting
  3. We Send off the claim to insurance after approval from client
  4. We​ follows up with the insurance carrier until the supplement is settled.
  5. Once the supplement is approved by the carrier, We will invoice the contractor
  6. Once job is complete we will repeat all the steps for a post-production supplement if needed (and invoice for the recoverable
Claim Supplements

 - We don't get paid until you do.

Xactimate Estimates

- $1.25 per line item ($100 minimum)

- Renovation estimates are 2 to 3 business day turnaround depending on complexity of project.

 - Fee is 10% of the increased RCV amount ($250 minimum)

  1. We receive the job and make sure we have all necessary paperwork and information
  2. We write up a detailed estimate through Xactimate
  3. We send the Xactimate back to the client and they have 48 hours to ask for any revisions before we invoice

- Clients have unlimited revisions. If you need something changed for the adjuster just ask
Roofing, Water Mitigation & Restoration

Let us Maximize Your Insurance Supplements Today!

Armor maximizes your claim using Xactimate and works to get the supplemental items approved.

Armor Creates an thorough Estimate in Xactimate and sends is back for you to handle

Original quote without insurance

- If you need same day turn around, please request the $150 additional rush fee.

- No up front fee's, so there is no risk on your end!

 - We do not invoice until the supplements are approved. 

- Roof estimates are 24 to 48 hours business day turnaround 

- Through out the entire process we have a live update on all your files, so you know exactly what is going on at all times
Did insurance deny the claim? 
Let our team help!

 - In the case of a denial contact Armor Estimating for information about fees and services

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